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Open to innovative solutions. Practicality before anything else. Y generation with Z generation approach.

Our philosophy is to earn and keep the trust of our Customers by providing services as if we were providing them to ourselves. Honorably.

With many years of experience, we understand the importance of special requests and we always try to adapt and comply with them to the best of our abilities.

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“Very resourceful and professional team! They are quick-witted, tireless and you can see that they are glad to help and they never complain. Generous at settlement too! They had to move our stuff on very short notice and with a tight deadline, but they handled our belongings carefully nonetheless. Highly recommend!”

Rajna Réka

“Thank you very much for the professional work. Punctual arrival, damage-free delivery, honest and fair work. I can only recommend for everyone. Once again, thank you very much. The Tács family”

Tácsné Csegöldi Natália

„I booked them for a move within Hungary. Everything went well, I can strongly recommend!”

Tom XM Yet

“I have moved with them more than once. They are trustworthy, precise, punctual and I could go on and on. Thank you!”

Bartal Ildikó

“Very professional and helpful team and on top of that they were kind as well. I can recommend them wholeheartedly.”

Óvári Dóri



Our new service is coming soon.

National Moving Services

Domestic moving of packages and furniture, with packing services if the Customer so wishes.

International Moving Services

Moving services to or from Hungary, or even between two foreign countries, with packing services if the Customer so wishes.

Packing Services

With or without our moving services, we are here to provide our Customers with professional packing services. With these services, our Customers can save both time and space. Moreover, the use of professional packing services and materials contribute to avoiding unexpected costs while moving.

Delivery of Goods and Furniture

Whether the Customer has purchased their goods or furniture from a store or a private person, we are here to deliver them door-to-door either way.


We offer temporary, both short- and long-term solutions for storaging your belongings during your moving, relocation or home restoration.


Packing Materials

We use a wide variety of professional packing materials during our private and company moving services.


Our prices from 1st of January, 2023:

Domestic Moving Services:

  • 1 truck with driver only:  9,000 HUF/hour
  • 1 truck with 2 loaders: 13,000 HUF/hour
  • 1 truck with 3 loaders: 16,000 HUF/hour
  • 2 trucks with 4 loaders: 25,000 HUF/hour
  • 2 trucks with 6 loaders: 30,000 HUF/hour
  • Additional loader: 4,000 HUF/hour/person

In case of rural moving services, an additional kilometer fee is charged. The rate of this kilometer fee is 230 HUF/km (to and from location).

Minimum fee is 3 hours plus 1-hour base fee is applied.

The prices do not include VAT*.

There are no other costs.

International Moving Services:

Special pricing – The price depends on multiple factors: the distance covered, volume of belongings to move, packing materials used and other circumstances (e.g. customs clearance)

Packing Services:

Special pricing – The price depends on the packing method and the type and quantity of packing materials.

Delivery of Goods:

Special pricing – The price depends on the goods to be moved and the distance to be covered.


Special pricing based on customized offer.


*VAT – applicable VAT rate on the date of liability

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Költöztetés - nappali dobozokkal

Prices listed are for information purposes only.

An offer includes a customized price calculation tailored for the Customer’s needs and the extent of services provided.

It is possible to request a fixed price offer if the Customer ensures full cooperation during the provision of our services (e.g. the Customer agrees to only use packaging with given dimensions).

According to Customer feedback, hourly based fee calculation is more predictable and plannable than fixed price offers.

After you request an offer, personal or online (via photos/videos) contact may be necessary for us to have a fairly accurate estimation for the volume of belongings that need relocating. Furthermore, to prepare an offer in detail in case of relocation or door-to-door delivery of goods and furniture, we will need the following information as well: required starting date and time, loading and unloading addresses (and any other further information for these locations such as parking possibilities, elevator availibility, floor number etc.). In case of any unique and special requests, these should also be clarified prior to the finalization of the offer. 

The offer includes – based on the information provided by the Customer – the capacity and tools required to fulfill Customer needs, including the price of any packing material requested by the Customer where relevant.

Packing services may also be included in the offer, should the Customer wish to leave packing to our experienced professionals.

In case of international moving services, the primary factors that are taken into consideration to prepare an offer are the following: the capacity and tools required to fulfill Customer needs, the calculated kilometer fee, road tolls of countries concerned, and if necessary, accommodation costs to comply with rest periods.



If you choose us, you do not have to worry a bit about your belongings – our business is covered with insurance.

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