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“I have moved with them more than once. They are trustworthy, precise, punctual and I could go on and on. Thank you!”

Bartal Ildikó

“Very professional and helpful team and on top of that they were kind as well. I can recommend them wholeheartedly.”

Óvári Dóri

“Thank you very much for the professional work. Punctual arrival, damage-free delivery, honest and fair work. I can only recommend for everyone. Once again, thank you very much. The Tács family”

Tácsné Csegöldi Natália

“Very resourceful and professional team! They are quick-witted, tireless and you can see that they are glad to help and they never complain. Generous at settlement too! They had to move our stuff on very short notice and with a tight deadline, but they handled our belongings carefully nonetheless. Highly recommend!”

Rajna Réka

„I booked them for a move within Hungary. Everything went well, I can strongly recommend!”

Tom XM Yet

“Very professional, precise, polite, helpful, moderately priced, I recommend it to everyone!”

László Markovics


Domestic relocation

Delivery of packages and furniture within the borders of the country, even with packaging.

International relocation

Moving from or to Hungary or between two foreign countries, even with packaging

Packing Services

It can be ordered as part of a relocation or as a separate service.

Using this service offers the Customer a time- and space-saving solution.

Delivery of Goods and Furniture

Whether the Customer has purchased their goods or furniture from a store or a private person, we are here to deliver them door-to-door either way.


We offer temporary, both short- and long-term solutions for storaging your belongings during your moving, relocation or home restoration.


Packing Materials

We use a wide variety of professional packing materials during our private and company moving services.


Our new service is coming soon.


(Valid: from January 1, 2023)

Domestic Moving Services:

1 truck with driver only9,000 HUF/hour
1 truck with 2 loaders: 13,000 HUF/hour
1 truck with 3 loaders: 16,000 HUF/hour
2 trucks with 4 loaders: 25,000 HUF/hour
2 trucks with 6 loaders: 30,000 HUF/hour
Additional loader: 4000 HUF/hour/person

In case of rural moving services, an additional kilometer fee is charged. The rate of this kilometer fee is 230 HUF/km (to and from location).
Minimum fee: 3 hours plus 1-hour base fee is applied.
There are no other costs.

The prices do not include VAT*.

International moving:

In each case, we calculate a unique price!
The price depends on the distance of the move, the quantity, the packaging material and other conditions.


In each case, we calculate a unique price!
The price depends on the method of packaging, the type of packaging material and the number/quantity of packaging material.

Delivery of goods

In each case, we calculate a unique price!
The price depends on the items to be transported and the distance.


In each case, we calculate a unique price!

More information about the request for proposals

During a quote request, a unique quote is drawn up according to the volume of work, service and the Customer’s needs.

It is also possible to request a fixed amount offer, by ensuring the Customer’s cooperation during the service.

Based on feedback from our customers, commitment prices based on hourly wage calculations are more predictable and planable compared to fixed-sum offer prices.

Relocation survey process

After an inquiry, through personal consultation, or online (by sending photos, videos), the quantity that is the subject of the service will be assessed. For the well-founded compilation of the offer, you also need – in the case of moving, goods and furniture transport – the start time of the work, the pick-up and drop-off addresses, knowledge of the corresponding location (parking lot, elevator, floor, etc.), as well as information about unique features, special needs, about possible difficulties.

The individual price offer includes the capacity and equipment insurance required to perform the service – undertaken based on the information provided to us – according to the Customer’s needs, as well as the fee for the proposed and/or required packaging materials, if requested.

Packing service can also be ordered as part of moving.

In case of international relocation

In the case of international moving, goods or furniture transport, the factors to be taken into account when creating the price quote are: the required amount of equipment and capacity, the mileage fee, the track fees that differ from country to country, and the cost of accommodation insurance that may be necessary to comply with the rest period.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size vehicles are used for moving?

We generally use 3.5 ton moving vehicles suitable for international traffic for deliveries within Europe. For larger shipments, we need larger trucks.

Do trucks need an entry permit in big cities?

Trucks are not always allowed to drive in these areas. However, there are two ways to complete the move. The most common solution is to transfer the chattels to a smaller 3.5-tonne truck that does not have entry restrictions (multiple transports are required if necessary). The other option is to request an entry permit for the larger truck, which can take up to a week. However, in this case, we also have to face parking problems and high costs.

Do you do the packaging yourself?

Among the options we offer is complete unpacking and packing, but if this is not convenient for you, you have the option of packing your items yourself. However, we recommend that you pack only those items that are not sensitive or fragile, such as clothes, while leaving the packaging of other items to our knowledgeable colleagues. Moving insurance covers more damage if the packing is done by professionals.

How can I reduce costs?

If you want to reduce the costs of moving, it is worth doing some things yourself. This can be, for example, packaging, unpacking, or even loading. However, if you do your packing yourself, you should take into account that the insurance company will only pay limited compensation for packing done by a non-professional. However, if you entrust all the work to professionals, it can be more expensive. It is worth asking for a quote from several shipping companies, comparing the offers, and taking into account the company’s experience, reliability and quality of customer service when choosing.

Do I have to clear my chattels with customs?

Although joining the European Union has made our lives significantly easier, the customs procedure for goods from outside the EU cannot be completely avoided. However, we carry out this procedure based on your order. Our colleagues provide detailed information about the necessary documents.

What is the guarantee that my items will arrive safe and undamaged or missing?

We handle chattels with the greatest possible care. We work with reliable employees, whose competence and precision guarantee accurate, thorough work. In the event that any problems do arise, insurance is available, which compensates for any damages according to the specified conditions.

Will my plants survive the move?

Transporting plants is a delicate process and should only be undertaken at your own risk. Usually, if the weather conditions are right, the plants will survive the trip. We guarantee that we properly water and care for the plants during the move, in the warehouse and on the way.

Who drives the moving truck?

The truck is driven by our colleague who is experienced in moving, who also helps with packing and loading. The driver is legally responsible for the proper placement and securing of the load, as well as for any problems that may arise on the way. That is why it is extremely important to employ professionals who are experienced in moving.

How long is the packaging and delivery?

The time of packing the goods depends on the quantity. If you are moving from a large apartment, it can take up to 4-5 days. If more people work on the packaging, they will be finished sooner. It may also be that there is not enough space, so fewer people can work in the apartment. Delivery time within Europe depends on where you are moving from. Our staff can provide you with the exact delivery time.

Are the boxes insured during the move?

If required, we can also help you with full unpacking and packing, but it is also possible for you to do the packing yourself. If you are responsible for the packaging, it is worth entrusting only sensitive and fragile items to our professionals, while less delicate things – such as clothes – can be packed yourself. If you entrust the packaging to professionals and it is supplemented by insurance, you are insured in the event of multiple damages.

How much will my move cost?

The price you have to pay for your move depends on many factors, such as volume, destination and destination, and the content of services. In general, the price of smaller shipments is higher, while the price of larger ones is lower. The price can be influenced by the packaging requirements, the loading done by you or the time of delivery. In all cases, the price is determined during an individual calculation, so we cannot give a unit price. We recommend that you use our questionnaire so that we can provide you with a comprehensive quote. Since moving is seasonal, prices are also affected by the time of the move. Prices are usually higher in the summer months and before and after Christmas. If you plan to move during this period, we recommend that you plan ahead. If you only need labor for a domestic local move, we charge an hourly rate, including packaging material according to a separate rate schedule.

Do you work on weekends?

In most cases, we move on weekdays. At a pre-arranged time, it is also possible on Saturdays, however, on the last day of the week, we use the expression “Sunday belongs to the family”.

What does moving insurance mean?

Moving insurance is a special type of insurance, not a shipment insurance. The difference between the two insurances is that the moving insurance can also cover damage during transport, only if the shipment was delivered in professional packaging. On the other hand, transport insurance only covers damages caused during transport, on the way (for example, a traffic accident).

Why is it recommended to choose a moving company, and what is the difference between a mover and a transporter?

Moving is a much more complex process than simple transportation, as your valuables need to be transported safely. While shipping is characterized by the transport of commercial goods, in moving, much more attention must be paid to the professional packing of movables and professional manual loading, taking into account the proper arrangement and fixing of movables in the truck. The truck starts and arrives on time, while we continuously monitor the route. When you work with a moving company, your valuables are not mixed with other commercial goods in the car, which is also important from a hygienic point of view.



If you choose us, you do not have to worry a bit about your belongings – our business is covered with insurance.

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